PPP worked hard for five years to win Sindh, says Murad Ali Shah


ISLAMABAD: Former chief minister Murad Ali Shah has said that the People’s Party forming government in Sindh, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

He was talking to media ahead of the Central Executive Committee meeting of Pakistan People’s Party that will decide that the party will join or not join the coalition government in Centre.

“The election was not easy for the PPP in Sindh, we have worked hard for five years,” he claimed. “We can give account, how we won each and every seat,” he said.

He said the GDA has used Pir Pagara. “I will advise Pir Sahib Pagara to change his friends, these friends are not sincere with him,” Murad Ali Shah said.

He said the People’s Party was standing on the side of the people of Sindh at every difficult moment.

Former CM said that the PPP has bagged more than 80 percent votes in Sindh.

“We want to work with all political parties,” he said.

“If the PML-N forms its government in centre, they have counted the MQM votes,” Murad Ali Shah said and added that the MQM has to change its mindset.

“We have maintained peace in Karachi with difficulty, our police and the forces have sacrificed lives for it,” he added.

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