President’s actions damaging credibility of his office: Sherry Rehman


ISLAMABAD: People’s Party leader Sherry Rehman has said that President Arif Alvi’s actions damaging credibility of his august office, ARY News reported on Monday.

Talking to media, Sherry Rehman questioned,”Why the President wants to commit violation of the constitution?”

“President Alvi has still not summoned the National Assembly’s session”, former federal minister said. “The constitution has been very clear over the matter, see Article 91 (ii),” she said.

The matter of the reserved seats has been in the hand of the election commission, she said. “The Sunni Ittehad Council should go ahead and work”, Rehman said.

“We have numbers and have joined hands with PML-N for government formation,” she said. “We will not join the cabinet,” PPP leader said. “We want progress of the constitutional and democratic process in the country,” she added.

Yesterday PML-N leader Ishaq Dar said that the President has to summon the National Assembly session upto February 29 at any cost.

Former finance minister talking to media said that it is mandatory to convene the NA session within 21 days of the election.

“The Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs has forwarded summary for the session on February 17, but the President has yet to sign it,” Ishaq Dar said.

“If President Arif Alvi didn t sign the summary, the NA session will mandatorily be held on Feb 29,” Dar said.

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