Prisoner cuts handcuffs, escapes police custody in Karachi


KARACHI: In a shocking incident, a prisoner cut his handcuffs and managed to escape police custody inside the city court premises, ARY News reported on Thursday.

The escapee, identified as Noor Ali, had been apprehended earlier by the Excise Police on charges related to drug trafficking.

Ali, along with three other accused individuals, was being presented in court when the daring escape occurred, raising questions about the security protocols in place.

The Karachi police have launched an intensive investigation to ascertain how the accused managed to obtain a cutter to facilitate the escape.

The sudden escape during this critical stage has prompted authorities to reevaluate security measures within the court complex.

Last month, an anti-narcotics court handed a death sentence to the accused in a bid to smuggle drugs.

The anti-narcotics court announced a death sentence for accused Qamar Mehmood after the prosecution proved the case of hiding drugs in tractor tyres to smuggle outside the country.

The court acquitted co-accused Ateeq Rehman in the case.

Anti-narcotics force officials conducted a raid at Pakistan International Cargo Terminal and recovered 20 kilograms of heroin hidden in tractor tyres from containers, the prosecution said.

The case against Qamar Mehmood, Ateeq Rehman, and other accused was registered in the year 2016, according to the prosecutor.

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