Progress made in Maulana Masood Usmani murder case


ISLAMABAD: The federal police claimed to have made progress in the murder case of Sunni Ulema Council Pakistan Deputy Secretary General Maulana Masood ur Rehman Usmani as they have recovered the motorcycle used in the latter s killing, ARY News reported on Friday.

Sources told ARY News that the investigation authorities recovered the motorcycle used in the killing of Maulana Masood Usmani following the identification by the arrested accused.

Sources claimed that the accused acquired the payment for killing in Pakistan, which was used to buy weapons. The mastermind and target killer involved in the killing are in police custody on remand and further investigation was underway, they added.

Earlier on Jan 15, it was reported that Islamabad police arrested two culprits allegedly involved in the murder of Maulana Masood ur Rehman Usmani. Reports revealed that the arrested accused are allegedly affiliated with the banned organisation.

Meanwhile, the capital police spokesperson denied comment related to the arrests and stated that incomplete information or news could affect the investigation process.

He further added that a clear statement will be released after completion of the investigation.

The prominent religious figure was returning home from Rawalpindi in his car when two armed men on a motorcycle opened indiscriminate fire on his vehicle, killing the Maulana on the spot. The driver of the car sustained bullet injuries.

The deceased and the injured were shifted to a hospital where the doctor confirmed the death of Maulana Usmani while his driver, identified as Asad Ali Khan, was given medical assistance and was stated to be in stable condition.

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Preliminary investigation showed that the attackers targeted Maulana Usmani from the side where he was seated and only left after confirming that he was dead.


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