Proscribed TTP using foreign-made weapons in terrorism in Pakistan


More evidences of the use of foreign-made weapons brought from Afghanistan to Pakistan’s soil have come forth. It has been now an open secret that outlawed TTP terrorists have access to weapons left by the United States in Afghanistan.

The supply of arms to the TTP has significantly jeopardized the security situation of the region, particularly a significant increase in terrorism is being witnessed particularly in Pakistan.

On January 29, security forces conducted an intelligence-based operation in North Waziristan district in which terrorist Naik Minallah was killed. The weapons recovered from the terrorist including M-4 Carbine were American-made.

Earlier, on 22nd of last month, security forces killed seven terrorists at Sambaza area of Zhob district in Balochistan. The weapons recovered from the terrorists were also foreign-manufactured. It included M-16/A2, AK-47, sleeping bags, hand grenades and other weapons.

On January 19, security forces killed two terrorists who crossed the border at Bachi Sar along Pakistan-Afghan border in Miran Shah district. The weapons recovered from the terrorists were foreign made including M16/A4 AK-47 and other weapons.

The smuggling of modern sophisticated arms from Afghanistan to Pakistan and use of the US-made weapons by the TTP against the security forces and people of Pakistan are a big question mark on the Afghan interim government’s claims of not allowing the use of their soil against Pakistan.

The prominent defence paper EurAsian Times has also stated that the US-made weapons are being used by the TTP terrorist operations in Pakistan.

All these facts indicate that the Afghan regime is not only arming the TTP, but also providing a safe haven to other terrorist organizations.

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