Protestors break into SNGPL office over gas shortage in Lahore


LAHORE: Enraged protestors in Lahore blocked Gurumangat Road to record their protest against the gas shortage in the area.

As per details, protestors in large numbers forcibly entered the SNGPL office after breaking its main gate and chanted slogans against the GM of the company for gas shortage.

The protestors said they are receiving the bills from the SNGPL but not the gas, which has compelled them to arrange gas at higher rates for cooking.

Later, the GM of the company negotiated with the protestors and assured them provision of gas at the time of cooking.

After the assurance, the protestors peacefully left the SNGPL office and dispersed.

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Earlier this week, Sui Northern Gas Company (SNGC) added fix charges to the November bills of the consumers after approval from the caretaker government.

According to officials, protected consumers using 0.9 hectometer gas will pay Rs400 as fixed monthly charges, while non-protected users consuming up to 1.5 hecta meters will be charged an additional Rs1,000 in their bills.

Officials say consumers whose usage of gas is ZERO will also pay Rs400/monthly fixed charges.

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