PS-61 Hyderabad candidates complain sudden changes in polling stations


HYDERABAD: Several candidates of various parties have lamented that various polling stations in PS-61 have been changed, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

The leaders of Jamaat Islami, JUI, TLP and MQM-Pakistan in a press conference here complained that various polling stations have been changed in Hyderabad’s PS-61 constituency.

“The voters of PS-61 have been perplexed with sudden changes”, a candidate Saeed Ahmed Talpur said.

The District Returning Officer (DRO) and the election commission have not been ready to hear any complaint and offer reply, TLP candidate said.

“If they want polling staff and polling stations of their choice, then they have to announce their own selection,” candidates said.

Sindh Assembly constituency PS-61 Hyderabad has an electorate of 199,760. The constituency was created from PS-50 Hyderabad-VIII (2002-2018) and PS-63 Hyderabad-II (2018-2023).

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