PSX sustains bullish trend, gains 373 points


KARACHI: The 100-index of the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) continued with bullish trend on Monday, gaining 373.82 points, a positive change of 0.57 percent, closing at 65,525.65 points against 65,151.83 points the previous trading day, ARY News reported.

A total of 261,194,334 shares valuing Rs 8.945 billion were traded during the day as compared to 208,408,686 shares valuing Rs 7.149 billion the last day.

Some 332 companies transacted their shares in the stock market; 144 of them recorded gains and 168 sustained losses, whereas the share prices of 20 remained unchanged.

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Earlier, PSX experienced a week of positive trends and notable growth in business activities after the general elections.

At the close of the business week, the KSE-100 index stood at 65,793 points, marking a gain of 468 points or (0.70%).

During the week, the KSE-100 index reached its peak at an impressive 66,150 points reflecting the confidence of investors. However, the lowest KSE-100 index reaching its at 65,187. Such variations are inherent in the stock market, prompting investors to carefully monitor the market dynamics and make informed decisions.

Trading during the week the market witnessed a volume of a total of 2.12 billion shares worth Rs 82.59 billion were transitioned.

Moreover, the market capitalization witnessed a notable increase of Rs 42 billion during the week, reaching a total value of Rs 9,354 billion from Rs8,717 billion.

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