Punjab Assembly Results: PML-N leads with 137 seats


LAHORE: In a significant announcement, the results of all 296 seats in the Punjab Assembly elections have been announced where PML-N have emerged as the front-runners, securing a total of 137 seats, ARY News reported.

The political landscape in the Punjab Assembly reflects the dominance of independent candidates, the majority of whom are affiliated with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), who managed to clinch a total of 112 seats out of 296 seats in Punjab.

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has secured 137 seats, while the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has claimed victory in 10 constituencies.

Additionally, the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) has also clinched one seat in the Punjab Assembly.

PP-1: PTI-backed independent candidate Qazi Ahmed Akbar won the seat with 49257 votes. PML-N’s Jahangir Khanzada bagged 36443 votes.

PP-2: PTI-backed independent candidate Sardar Muhammad Ali Khan bagged the seat with 36093. PML-N’s Ifthikhar Ahmed secured 35291votes.

PP-3: PTI-backed Syed Aijazul Hasan secured 36897 votes to beat PML-N’s Hameed Akbar who bagged 31857 votes.

PP-4: Sher Ali Khan of PML-N emerged victorious in PP-4 Attock by defeating the PTI-backed candidate, Sardar Shahnawaz Khan. Sher Ali Khan secured 48,593 votes, surpassing Shahnawaz, who garnered 38,790 votes.

PP-5: PML-N’s Malik Aitebar Khan defeated PTI-backed candidate, Malik Jamsheed Altaf on PP-5 Attock. Khan secured 46665 votes, while Altaf secured 43620 votes.

PP-6: Mohammad Bilal Yamin of PML-N secured a victory over the independent candidate Zain Ul Abideen, who was backed by PTI. Yamin secured 65,056 votes, while Abideen managed to garner 33,475 votes.

PP-7: PTI-backed independent candidate Muhammad Shabir Awan won the PP-07 Rawalpindi seat by securing 72,898 votes, while PML-N’s Raja Sagher remained second with 66,338 votes.

PP-8: PTI-backed Javed Kauser secured the seat of PP-08 Rawalpindi with 47,526 votes against Khuram Pervez Raja of PPP who managed to get 40,603 votes.

PP-9: PML-N’s Shaukat Raja won the PP-09 Rawalpindi seat by securing 50,560 votes. PPP’s Chaudhry Sarfaraz grabbed 43,525 votes.

PP-10: Naeem Ijaz of PML-N won the seat of PP-10 Rawalpindi with 48,759 votes against the PTI-backed independent candidate Chaudhary Muhammad Amir Afzal who grabbed 34,413 votes.

PP-11: PML-N’s Imran Ilyas won the PP-11 Rawalpindi seat with 27,657, while Chaudhry Muhammad Nazir grabbed 16,594 votes.

PP-12: PML-N’s Mohsin Ayub emerged victorious with 41,338 votes against PTI-backed Saad Ali who grabbed 35,108 votes.

PP-13: PTI-backed independent candidate, Malik Fahad Masood, clinched PP-13 Rawalpindi seat with 56,723 votes against PML-N Umar Farooq who bagged 24,087 votes.

PP-14: Mohammad Iftekhar Ahmed of PML-N won PP-14 seat with 39,557 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate Nasir Ali Khan who got 33,254 votes.

PP-15: PML-N’s candidate Malik Mansoor Afsar emerged victorious with 62,163 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate Ziyad Khaleek Kiyani who got 54,036 votes.

PP-16: PML-N’s candidate Zia Ullah Shah emerged victorious with 45,478 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate Ijaz Khan who got 36,402 votes.

PP-17: Abdul Hanif of PML-N won with 45,677 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate Raja Rashid Hafeez who got 38,189 votes.

PP-18: PTI-backed independent candidate, Asad Abbas, clinched the PP-18 Rawalpindi seat with 46,295 votes against PML-N’s candidate Sajjad Khan who got 30,640 votes.

PP-19: PTI-backed independent candidate, Muhammad Tanveer Aslam, won with 43,987 votes against PML-N’s candidate Haji Pervaiz Khan who got 16,768 votes.

PP-20: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s Sultan Haider Ali Khan won the seat with 52,450 votes while, PTI-backed independent candidate Ali Nasir Khan secured second position with 43,250 votes.

PP-21: PML-N s Tanveer Aslam Malik won the seat of PP-21 with 83,055 votes against PTI-backed Tariq Mehmood Afzal who bagged 75,142 votes.

PP-22: Sardar Ghulam Abbas of PML-N won the seat of PP-22 with 61,714 votes against PTI-backed Tariq Nisar Ahmed who grabbed 54,077 votes.

PP-23: Shehryar Malik of PML-N won the seat of PP-23 with 29,120 votes against PTI-backed Sultan Surkhru Awan who grabbed 75,036 votes.

PP-24: PTI-backed independent candidate, Syed Riffat Mehmood, clinched the PP-24 Jhelum seat with 55,029 votes against IPP’s candidate Raja Yawar Kamal who got 49,781 votes.

PP-25: PTI-backed independent candidate, Yasir Mehmood Qureshi, clinched the PP-25 Jhelum seat with 67,391 votes against PML-N’s candidate Chaudhry Nadeem Khadim who got 40,560 votes.

PP-26: PTI-backed independent candidate, Mushtaq Ahmad, clinched the PP-26 Jhelum seat with 60,181 votes against PML-N’s candidate Nasir Mehmood who got 54,574 votes.

PP-27: Raja Mohammad Aslam Khan of PML won the seat of PP-27 Gujrat with 34,754 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate, Nauman Ashraf who got 30,306 votes meanwhile, PML-N’s candidate Mohammad Hanif Malik who grabbed 27,867 votes.

PP-28: PTI-backed independent candidate, Shahid Raza, clinched the PP-28 Gujrat seat with 48,271 votes against PML-N’s candidate Shabbir Ahmed who got 35,268 votes.

PP-29: Khalid Javed Asghar of PML won the seat of PP-29 Gujrat with 49,795 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate, Afia Noreen, who got 32,725 votes.

PP-30: PML-Q’s Muhammad Abdullah Warraich won the seat of PP-30 with 39,514 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate, Tanveer Ahmed, who got 28,638 votes.

PP-31: Shafi Hussain of PML won the seat of PP-31 with 64,132 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate, Mudassar Raza, who got 48,311 votes.

PP-32: PML-Q’s Chaudhry Salik Hussain emerged victorious from PP-32 constituency as he managed to get 55,615 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate Pervez Elahi, who got 44,713 votes.

PP-33: PML’s Syed Madad Ali Shah won the seat of PP-33 with 35,351 votes against PML-N candidate, Muhammad Ali, who got 23,248 votes.

PP-34: PML’s Chaudhry Eijaz Ahmed won the seat of PP-34 with 46,774 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate, Samaira Elahi, who got 33,690 votes.

PP-35: Waqar Ahmed Cheema of PML-N won the seat of PP-35 with 60,962 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate, Mohammad Yousuf, who got 59,789 votes.

PP-36: PTI-backed independent candidate, Mohammed Ahmed Chattha won the seat of PP-36 with 87,549 votes against Adnan Afzal Chattha of PML-N, who got 49,228 votes.

PP-37: Mian Shahid Hussain of PML-N won the seat of PP-37 with 59,853 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate, Ch. Muhammad Asad Ullah, who got 41,800 votes.

PP-38: PTI-backed independent candidate, Zameer Ul Hassan Bhatti won the seat of PP-38 with 52,213 votes against Gulzar Ahmed of PML-N, who got 50,838 votes.

PP-39: Mohammad Awn Jahangir of PML-N won the seat of PP-39 with 41,866 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate, Qamar Javed, who got 37,024 votes.

PP-40: PTI-backed independent candidate, Zarnab Sher, won the seat of PP-40 with 74,460 votes against Hameeda Mian of PML-N, who got 46,043 votes.

PP-41: PTI-backed independent candidate, Baasima Chaudhary, won the seat of PP-41 with 70,159 votes against Syed Tariq Yaqoob of PML-N, who got 25,481 votes.

PP-42: Khalid Mahmood Ranjha of PML-N won the seat of PP-42 with 39,767 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate, Sajid Ahmad Khan, who got 39,945 votes.

PP-43: Ch. Akhtar Abbas Bosan of PML-N won the seat of PP-43 with 45,566 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate, Chaudhary Muhammad Nawaz, who got 37,887 votes.

PP-44: Arif Iqbal of PML-N won the seat of PP-44 with 47,137 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate, Saeed Ahmad Bhalli, who got 41,246 votes.

PP-45: PML-N’s Tariq Subhani won the seat of PP-45 with 63,651 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate, Umer Javed Ghuman, who got 52,859 votes.

PP-46: PML-N’s Faisal Akram won the seat of PP-46 with 55,254 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate, Ruba Umar, who got 47,924 votes.

PP-47: Khuwaja Mohd Mansha Butt of PML-N won the seat of PP-47 with 50,602 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate, Muhammad Kashif, who got 44,890 votes.

PP-48: PTI-backed independent candidate, Khurram Khan, won the seat of PP-48 with 47,340 votes against of PML-N candidate Liaqat Ali, who got 41,657 votes.

PP-49: Independent candidate, Mohammad Fayyaz, won the seat of PP-49 with 48,219 votes against of PML-N candidate Rana Mohd Afzal, who got 40,525 votes.

PP-50: PML-N candidate Ch. Naveed Ashraf won the seat of PP-50 with 45,627 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate, Aman Ullah, who got 43,971 votes.

PP-51: PML-N candidate Zeeshan Rafiq won the seat of PP-51 with 49,538 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate, Waqass Iftikhar, who got 49,905 votes.

PP-52: PML-N candidate Ch. Arshad Javed won the seat of PP-52 with 58,385 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate, Fakhir Nishat Ghumman, who got 49,850 votes.

PP-53: PML-N candidate Rana Abdul Sattar won the seat of PP-53 with 59,307 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate, Malik Jamshed Ghias, who got 58,351 votes.

PP-54: PML-N’s Ahsan Iqbal wins PP-54 Narowal seat with 33,243 votes. He defeated PTI-backed independent candidate Owais Qasim, who secured 31,050 votes.

PP-55: Mahmood Ahmed of TLP bagged the seat of PP-55 with 33,793 votes against PML-N’s Mohammad Akmal who got 21,341 votes.

PP-56: Candidate of PML-N, Mannan Khan, won the seat of PP-56 with 48,889 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate, Aleem Tariq, who got 35,617 votes.

PP-57: PML-N’s Khawaja Muhammad Waseem was declared the winner with 52,686 votes against the PTI-backed independent candidate Rana Lal Badshah, who got 26,968 votes.

PP-58: Candidate of PML-N, Bilal Akbar Khan, won the seat of PP-58 with 55,396 votes against PTI-backed independent candidate, Muhammad Irfan Abid, who got 45,806 votes.

PP-59: PTI-backed independent candidate, Muhammad Nasir Cheema, won the seat of PP-59 with 37,478 votes against of PML-N candidate Bilal Farooq, who got 32,570 votes.

PP-60: PTI-backed independent candidate, Kaleem Ullah Khan, won the seat of PP-60 with 36,746 votes, leaving no other contender in close proximity.

PP-61: PML-N’s Imran Khalid But won the PP-61 Gujranwala seat after securing 34,639 votes against the independent candidate Rizwan Ullah Butt, who got 30,111 votes.

PP-62: Muhammad Nawaz Chauhan won the PP-62 Gujranwala seat after securing 30,596 votes.

PP-63: PTI-backed independent candidate Chaudhary Muhammad Tariq won the PP-63 Gujranwala seat after securing 51,315 votes.

PP-64: Omar Farooq of PML-N won the PP-64 Gujranwala seat with 33715 votes. Independent candidate Chaudhry Muhammad Ali secured 28460.

PP-65: PTI-backed independent candidate Hassan Ali won the PP-65 with 36,499 votes.

PP-66: Qaiser Iqbal of PML-N won the PP-66 Gujranwala seat with 49,931 votes.

PP-67: Akhtar Ali Khan of PML-N won the PP-67 Gujranwala seat with 39,320 votes.

PP-68: Independent candidate Muhammad Arkam Khan was declared the winner with 43615 votes against PML-N’s Muhammad Iqbal, who secured 40311 votes, according to unofficial and unconfirmed results.

PP-69: Irfan Bashir of PML-N won the PP-69 Gujranwala seat by securing 47,902 votes.

PP-70: Independent candidate Tashakul Abbas emerged victorious with 37709 votes, while PML-N’s Amanaullah Waraich remained second with 28874 votes.

PP-71: PML-N’s Suhaib Ahmed Malik won the PP-71 Sargodha seat by getting 55050 votes. Naeem Haider Panjutha, PTI founder’s lawyer, faced defeat as he secured 49076 votes.

PP-72: PML-N’s Mansoor Azam won the PP-72 Sargodha seat with 50408 votes. Chaudhry Sohail Akhtar remained second with 41636 votes.

PP-73: PTI-backed independent candidate Muhammad Ansar Iqbal won with 58,178 seats. 

PP-74: Ikram Ul Haq of PML-N secured 51,650 votes.

PP-75: PTI-backed independent candidate Ali Asif won and secured 56,570 votes.

PP-76: PTI-backed independent candidate Zulfikar Ali won and secured 36,978 votes.

PP-77: Safdar Hussain Sahi of PML-N clinched victory and secured 49,638.

PP-78: Rana Manwar Hussain of PML-N won and secured 60,560 votes.

PP-79: Taimur Ali Khan of PML-N secures victory and bagged 42,494 votes.

PP-80: Sardar Muhammad Asim Sher Mekan of PML-N secured victory with 38,332 votes:

PP-81: PTI-backed independent candidate Hassan Malik secured victory by bagging 46,983 votes. 

PP-82: Muhammad Asif Malik – PML-N – Votes: 41,575

PP-83: Ali Hussain Khan – PML-N – Votes: 47,932

PP-84: Fatah khaliq – IND-PTI – Votes: 49,820

PP-85: Muhammad Iqbal – IND-PTI – Votes: 92,407

PP-86: Independent candidate Ameenullah Khan emerged victorious after security 85318 votes while his opponent, Adil Abdullah, another independent candidate, secured 19794 votes.

PP-87: Independent candidate Ahmed Khan was declared the winner of the PP-87 Mianwali seat of PP. Sajjad Ahmed Malik managed to grab 15691 votes only.

PP-88: Mumtaz Ahmed – IND-PTI – Votes: 66,056

PP-89: Amir Muhammad Khan – IND – Votes: 61,745

PP-90: PTI-backed candidate, Irfanullah Khan Niazi secured 43957 votes, while Ahmed Nawaz Khan grabbed 43692 votes. It was a close encounter in the PP-90 Bakhar seat.

PP-91: Ghazanfar Abbas IND Votes: 62,027

PP-92: Independent candidate Aamir Inayat was declared winner with 41084 votes, according to unconfirmed and unofficial results.

PP-93: Independent candidate Muhammad Amir Inayat secured 50580 votes to win the PP-93 Bakhar seat.

PP-94: Taimur Ali Khan, contesting the election as an independent candidate, declared the winner on PP-94 Bakhar with 47879 votes.

PP-95: Muhammad Ilyas – PML-N – Votes: 36,717

PP-96: Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah – IND – Votes: 52,721

PP-97: Muhammad Saqib Khan – IND – Votes: 42,959

PP-98: Junaid Afzal Sahi – IND-PTI – Votes: 73,536

PP-99: Ahmed Mujtabi Chaudhry – IND-PTI – Votes: 55,991

PP-100: Umair Wasi Chaudhry – IND-PTI – Votes: 48,298

PP-101: Muhammad Akram Chaudhry – IND-PTI – Votes: 73,097

PP-102: Jafar Ali Hocha – PML-N – Votes: 30,558

PP-103: Noor Shahid Noor – IND-PTI – Votes: 35,431

PP-104: Arif Mehmood Gill- PML-N – Votes: 53,866

PP-105: Rao Kashif Rahim Khan – PML-N – Votes: 58,077

PP-106: Ahsan Raza – IND-PTI – Votes: 51,892

PP-107: Javed Niaz Manj – IND-PTI – Votes: 27,609

PP-108: Aftab Ahmed Khan – IND-PTI – Votes: 60,677

PP-109: Chaudhry Zafar Iqbal Nagra – PML-N – Votes: 54,581

PP-110: Hassan Zaka – IND-PTI – Votes: 46,819

PP-111: Independent candidate Basharat Ali emerged victorious from PP-111 Faisalabad with 45575 votes. PML-N’s Faqir Hussain secured 36349 votes.

PP-112: Asad Mahmood – IND-PTI – Votes: 75,538

PP-113: Nadeem Sadiq Dogar – IND-PTI – Votes: 53,677

PP-114: Muhammad Latif Nazar – IND-PTI –Votes: 58,542

PP-115: Shahid Javed – IND-PTI – Votes: 53,244

PP-116: Muhammad Ismail – IND-PTI – Votes: 67,016

PP-117: Abdul Razzaq Khan – IND-PTI – Votes: 54,170

PP-118: Khyal Ahmed – IND-PTI – Votes: 79,303

PP-119: Asad Zaman – IND-PTI – Votes: 78,105

PP-120: Muhammad Ahsan Ehsan – IND-PTI – Votes: 56,490

PP-121: Amjad Ali – PML-N – Votes: 58,432

PP-122: Khawar Ahmad Khan – IND-PTI – Votes: 71,414

PP-123: Ashifa Riaz Fatiana – IND-PTI – Votes: 51,219

PP-124: PTI-backed independent candidate Sonia Ali Raza secured 62062 votes to beat PML-N’s Syed Quttub Ali Shah to win the PP-124 Toba Tek Singh seat.

PP-125: Sardar Alhaj Ghulam Ahmad Khan Gadi – IND-PTI – Votes: 55,734

PP-126: Mehr Muhammad Nawaz – IND-PTI – Votes: 45,400

PP-127: Sheikh Muhammad Akram IND-PTI Votes: 50,232

PP-128: Ghazanfar Abbas Shah IND-PTI Votes: 62,356

PP-129: Mian Muhammad Asif IND-PTI Votes: 37,235

PP-130: Shahbaz Ahmed IND-PTI Votes: 67,618

PP-131: Mian Muhammad Azam IND-PTI Votes: 73,201

PP-132: Sultan Bajwa IND Votes: 47,743

PP-133: Muhammad Atif IND-PTI Votes: 45,637

PP-134: PML-N’s Muhammad Kashif secured the victory with 39503 votes followed by PTI-backed Sohail Manzoor who received 35683 votes

PP-135: PML-N’s Agha Ali secured the seat with 56798 votes followed by PTI-backed Jameel Hassan who got 43707 votes

PP-136: Muhammad Hasan Riaz – PML-N – Votes: 52,682

PP-137: PTI-backed independent Khurram Aijaz is leading with 2512 votes against PML-N’s Muhammad Arshad who secured 1188 votes

PP-138: Muhammad Ashraf Rasool PML-N Votes: 38,604

PP-139: Rana Tanveer Hussain PML-N Votes: 35,659

PP-140: Mohammad Awais IND-PTI Votes: 51,372

PP-141: PTI-backed independent candidate Tayyab Rashid won the seat with 61409 votes. He defeated PML-N’s Amjad Latif, who grabbed 38612 votes.

PP-142: PTI-backed independent candidate Waqas Mahmood clinched the victory with 49492 votes.  PML-N’s Mahmoodul Haq could only get 43060 votes.

PP-143: Sher Akbar Khan IND-PTI Votes: 52,415

PP-144: Muhammad Sarfraz Dogar IND-PTI Votes: 58,413

PP-145: Sami ullah Khan PML-N Votes: 42,578

PP-146 : Ghazali Saleem of PML-N won the seat with 30587 votes, while Junaid Razaq secured 28515 votes, according to unconfirmed and unofficial results.

PP-147: Muhammad Hamza Shehbaz Sharif PML-N Votes: 51,838

PP-148: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s Mujtaba Shuja declared the winner. Shuja secured 37998 while the independent candidate secured 31560 votes.

PP-149: Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party’s president Abdul Aleem Khan won PP-149 Lahore seat with 51756 votes.

PP-150: PML-N’s Imran Nazir grabbed 34956 votes to win the seat, while the independent candidate secured 30314 votes.

PP-151: Sohail Shoukat Butt PML-N Votes: 38,232

PP-152: Malik Muhammad Waheed PML-N Votes: 34,664

PP-153: Khawaja Salman Rafique PML-N Votes: 35,232

PP-154: Malik Ghulam Habib Awan PML-N Votes: 26,014

PP-155: Imtiaz Mehmood IND-PTI Votes: 36,717

PP-156: Ali Imtiaz IND-PTI Votes: 54,031

PP-157: Independent candidate Hafiz Farhat won the seat with 45036 votes, while PML-N’s Naseer Ahmed grabbed 27039 votes.

PP-158: Mian M Shahbaz Sharif PML-N Votes: 38,642

PP-159: PML-N’s Maryam Nawaz secured 23598 votes to win the PP-159 seat while independent candidate Mir Sharafat Ali secured 21491 votes.

PP-160: Malik Asad Ali PML-N Votes: 26,781

PP-161: Farukh Javeed IND-PTI Votes: 46,947

PP-162: Shahbaz Ali Khokhar PML-N Votes: 43,422

PP-163: PML-N’s Imran Javed grabs the PP-163 seat with 23120 votes.

PP-164: PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif won the PP-164 Lahore seat with 27099 votes, while PTI-backed independent candidate Muhammad Yousuf grabbed 25919 votes.

PP-165: Ahmer Bhatti IND-PTI Votes: 29,390

PP-166: PML-N’s Muhammad Anas emerged victorious with 32270 votes on PP-166 Lahore. Independent candidate Khalid Mahmood bagged 30611 votes.

PP-167: PML-N’s Irfan Shafi wins PP-167 Lahore seaet by securiing 23248. His opponent, Imar Basher, an independent candidate, secured 21169 votes.

PP-168: PML-N’s Faisal Ayub won the seat with 32727 votes while independent candidate Malik Nadeem secured 27577 votes.

PP-169: Malik Khalid Parvez Khokhar PML-N Votes: 85,018

PP-170: PTI-backed independent candidate Haroon Akbar won the PP-170 seat with 64143 votes, while PML-N’s Rana Ahsan Sharafat remained second with 40661 votes.

PP-171: Mian Muhammad Aslam Iqbal IND-PTI Votes: 61,847

PP-172: Misbah Wajid IND-PTI Votes: 31,378

PP-173: Mian Murghoob Ahmed PML-N Votes: 63,236

PP-174: Bilal Yasin PML-N Votes: 36,265

PP-175: Rashid Tufail IND-PTI Votes: 44,932

PP-176: Chaudhry Muhammad Ilyas Khan PML-N Votes: 48,328

PP-177: Muhammad Naeem Safdar PML-N Votes: 45,633

PP-178: Malik Ahmed Saeed Khan PML-N Votes: 53,090

PP-179: Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan PML-N Votes: 65,617

PP-180: Ahsan Raza Khan IND Votes: 34,806

PP-181: Humble Sana Kareemi IND-PTI Votes: 49,551

PP-182: Mahmood Anwar PML-N Votes: 32,326

PP-183: Rana Sikandar Hayat PML-N Votes: 51,422

PP-184: Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan PML-N Votes: 44,365

PP-185 : PML-N’s Javed Allauddin won the seat with 52106 votes, while independent candidate Muhammad Javed secured 46290 votes.

PP-186: Syed Muhammad Ashiq Hussain Shah PML-N Votes: 43,236

PP-187: Chaudhry Iftikhar Hussain Chhachhar PML-N Votes: 45,810

PP-188: Noor Ul Ameen Wato PML-N Votes: 56,596

PP-189: Ali Abbasi PML-N Votes: 40,467

PP-190: PML-N’s Yawar Zaman clinched the PP-190 Okara seat with 63899 votes. Independent candidate, Mahar Abdul Sattar remained second with 52600 votes.

PP-191: Mian Muhammad Munir PML-N Votes: 45,719

PP-192: PML-N’s Ghulam Raza declared winner on PP-192 Okara with 64174 votes, while independent candidate Hamad Aslam remained runner-up with 57327 votes.

PP-193:Farooq Ahmad Khan Manika PML-N Votes: 40,172

PP-194: Chaudhry Javed Ahmed PML-N Votes: 38,584

PP-195: Imran Akram IND Votes: 51,083

PP-196: Dr. Farrukh Javed PML-N Votes: 55,470

PP-197: Sardar Mansab Ali Dogar PML-N Votes: 48,713

PP-198: Wilayat Shah PML-N Votes: 46,091

PP-199: Qasim Nadeem PML-N Votes: 46,255

PP-200; Muhammad Arshad Malik PML-N Votes: 48,871

PP-201: Naveed Aslam Khan Lodhi PML-N Votes: 40,885

PP-202: PML-N candidate Rana Riaz is leading with 13714 votes against PTI-backed Waheed Asghar who secured 12946 votes

PP-203: In the first complete unofficial results of any Punjab constituency, PTI-backed independent Roy Murtaza emerged victorious from PP-203 Sahiwal. PTI-backed independent Roy Murtaza secured 62468 votes followed by PML-N’s Hanif Jatt who bagged 47231 votes.

PP-204: PTI-backed independent Ghulam Sarwar is leading with 45130 votes against IPP candidate Malik Falak Sher who secured 34241 votes

PP-205: Muhammad Akbar Hayat Hiraj IND Votes: 63,128

PP-206: Usama Fazal PML-N Votes: 46,789

PP-207: Amir Hayat Hiraj PML-N Votes: 59,868

PP-208: Babar Hussain Abid PML-N Votes: 48,494

PP-209: Chaudhry Zia ur Rehman PML-N Votes: 55,579

PP-210; Khalid Javed IND-PTI Votes: 54,456

PP-211: Rana Muhammad Saleem PML-N Votes: 53,727

PP-212: Muhammad Asghar Hayat Hiraj IND Votes: 42,305

PP-213: Syed Ali Haider Gilani PPPP Votes: 42,404

PP-214; Nawabzada Waseem Khan Baduzai IND-PTI Votes: 44,943

PP-215: Muhammad Moin Ud Din Riaz IND-PTI Votes: 67,023

PP-216: Muhammad Adnan Dogar IND-PTI Votes: 59,280

PP-218: Muhammad Salman PML-N Votes: 45,914

PP-219:Malik Wasif Mazhar PPPP Votes: 43,157

PP-220: Pakistan People’s Party’s Muhammad Iqbal secured the PP-220 Multan seat of the Punjab Assembly with 42433 votes, while PML-N’s Rai Mansab Ali grabbed 33272 votes.

PP-221: PPP’s Mian Kmran emerged victorious on the PP-221 Multan seat with 43117 votes, while independent candidate Muhammad Aamir Abbas grabbed 32882 votes.

PP-222: PTI-backed Ayaz is leading with 10777votes against PML-N s Aijaz Ahmed who bagged 8201 votes

PP-223: Mohammad Nazq Karim PML-N Votes: 36,497

PP-224 : PML-N’s Malik Lal Muhammad won the PP-224 Multan seat, while independent candidate, Abbas Bukhari grabbed 28433 votes.

PP-225: Shazia Hayat IND-PTI Votes: 69,799

PP-226 PTI-backed Raziullah is leading with 2378 votes against the PML-N candidate who secured 2295 votes

PP-227: PML-N’s Zubair Khan emerges victorious on PP-227 Lodhran. PML-N candidate grabbed 55324 votes, while independent candidate Nawab Ameen got 36734 votes.

PP-228: Izzat Javed Khan IND-PTI Votes: 62,431

PP-229: Muhammad Yousaf PML-N Votes: 49,869

PP-230: Sulman Shahid IND-PTI Votes: 44,950

PP-231: PTI-backed Khalid Nisar is leading with 28467 votes against PML-N candidate Khalid Mahmood who secured 16406 votes.

PP-232 : Malik Noushar Khan Anjum Langriyal PML-N Votes: 33,151

PP-233: Muhammad Saqib Khurshid PML-N Votes: 54,816

PP-234: Muhammad Naeem Akhtar Khan PML-N Votes: 43,908

PP-235: Muhammad Jahanzaib Khan Khachi IND-PTI Votes: 50,250

PP-236: PTI-backed candidate, Ali Raza Khakwani won the seat with 61415 votes, while PML-N’s Asif Saeed secured 54211 votes, according to unofficial and unconfirmed reports.

PP-237: Fida Hussain PML-N Votes: 68,681

PP-238: Inam Bari, an independent candidate backed by PTI declared winner on PP-238 Bahawalnagar. Bari took 54500 votes, while PML-N’s Syed Nazar secured 49401 votes.

PP-239: Muhammad Atif Aurangzeb IND Votes: 40,333

PP-240: Muhammad Sohail Khan Zahid IND Votes: 42,094

PP-241: PML-Z s Ghulam Murtaza s leading with 5633 votes against PML-N Mazhar Iqbal  secured 3702 votes

PP-242: KASHIF NAVEED IND Votes: 52,557

PP-243: Zahid Akram PML-N Votes: 48,555

PP-244: Suraya Sultana IND Votes: 50,625

PP-245: Muhammad Kazim Pirzada PML-N Votes: 54,223

PP-246: Farzana Khalil IND-PTI Votes: 68,699

PP-247: Chaudary Khalid Mehmood Jajja PML-N Votes: 61,116

PP-248: Hassan Askari Sheikh PML Votes: 53,721

PP-249: Sahibzada Muhammad Gazain Abbasi IND Votes: 42,484

PP-250: Syed Amir Ali Shah PPPP Votes: 26,260

PP-251: PML-N’s Malik Mahmood Babar beats independent candidate Muhammad Usman. Babar secured 43551 votes, while Usman received 29419 votes on PP-251 Bahawalnagar.

PP-252: Mian Muhammad Shoaib Awaisi PML-N Votes: 41,290

PP-253: Independent Asghar won the poll by securing 40461 votes, defeating PML-N’s Zaheer Iqbal who could get 23490 votes

PP-254: Rana Muhammad Tariq Khan PML-N Votes: 55,467

PP-255: Ghazanfar Ali Khan PPPP Votes: 42,996

PP-256: Qazi Ahmad Saeed PPPP Votes: 28,466

PP-257: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s Mahmood Ahmed emerged victorious with 39968 votes, while Muhammad Islam Aslam of PPP managed to grab 27560 votes.

PP-258: Chaudhry Muhammad Ijaz Shafi IND-PTI Votes: 65,932

PP-259: Independent candidate Faisal Jameel won the seat with 53018 votes, while Mian Shafi remained second with 20824 votes.

PP-260: Saima Kanwal IND-PTI Votes: 54,980

PP-261: Jam Amanullah IND-PTI Votes: 42,429

PP-262: Asif Majeed IND-PTI Votes: 54,786

PP-263: Muhammad Naeem IND Votes: 61,401

PP-264: Sardar Habib Ur Rahman Khan PPPP Votes: 44,288

PP-265: Independent candidate Sajjad Ahmed won PP-265 Rahim Yar Khan’s seat of the Punjab Assembly with 52817 votes.

PP-266: (Polls postponed due to death of candidate)

PP-267: Raees nabeel Ahmad PPPP Votes: 46,483

PP-268: Muhammad Ajmal Khan PML-N Votes: 27,747

PP-269: Mian Alamdar Abbas Qureshi PPPP Votes: 34,588

PP-270: Muhammad zahid Ismail IND-PTI Votes: 28,258

PP-271: Muhammad Aun Hameed PML-N Votes: 29,200

PP-272: PTI-backed independent candidate Rana Abdul Manan won the PP-272 Muzaffargarh seat with 33453 votes, while PML-N’s Syed Basit Sultan remained second with 29934 votes.

PP-273: Muhammad Dawood Khan IND-PTI Votes: 54,664

PP-274: Muhammad Sibtain Raza PML-N Votes: 44,560

PP-275: Muhammad Nawab Khan Gopang PML-N Votes: 57,930

PP-276: Rana Orangzaib IND-PTI Votes: 47,164

PP-277: Nadia Khar IND-PTI Votes: 55,147

PP-278 : Muhammad Ahsan Ali IND-PTI Votes: 60,500

PP-279: PTI-backed independent candidate Athar Maqbool wins the PP-279 Layyah seat with 54423 votes. PML-N’s Malik Ahmed secured 51478 votes.

PP-280: SHAHAB UD DIN KHAN IND-PTI Votes: 39,057

PP-281: PTI-backed independent candidate Shoaib Ameer wins the PP-281 Layyah seat with 38353 votes. PML-N’s Muhammad Tahir secured 34870 votes.

PP-282: Osama Asghar Ali Gujar IND-PTI Votes: 53,887

PP-283: Independent candidate Ghulam Asghar Khan won the Punjab Assembly’s seat from Layyah with 56985 votes. PML-N’s Mehar Aijaz grabbed 52161 votes.

PP-284: Muhammad Tahir IND-PTI Votes: 52,574

PP-285: Khawaja Salah Ud Din Akbar IND-PTI Votes: 31,817

PP-286: Salah Uddin Khan PML-N Votes: 37,513

PP-287: Osama Leghari PML-N Votes: 60,033

PP-288: Muhammad Hanif IND Votes: 41,657

PP-289 : Mehmood Qadir Khan IND Votes: 32,657

PP-290: Sardar Awais Ahmed Khan Laghari PML-N Votes: 43,277

PP-291: Muhammad Ahmed Khan Lughari PML-N Votes: 38,102

PP-292: Sardar Sher Afghan Gorchani PML-N Votes: 38,596

PP-293: Sardar Sher Ali Gorchani PML-N Votes: 37,784

PP-294: Sardar Pervaiz Iqbal Gorchani PML-N Votes: 43,648

PP-295: Abdul Aziz Khan PML-N Votes: 37,884

PP-296: PTI-backed independent candidate Sardar Muhammad Awais Dareshk win with 42,613 votes.

PP-297: Independent candidate Khizer Hussain Mazari won with 39,206 votes.

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