Punjab police register 245 cases against kite makers, flyers


Punjab police have registered 245 cases and arrested 242 kite flyers across the province during the last 24 hours, ARY News reported on Tuesday. 

As per details, Punjab police accelerated the crackdown on kite flyers and makers on the directions of CM Maryam Nawaz following the death of a youth due to a kite string in Faisalabad.

Over 54,000 kites and 800 strings were recovered from the custody of the arrested men.

The police have arrested as many as 3233 people and registered over 3100 cases during the last month.

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Meanwhile, the police have unearthed a network of online kite sales and arrested five accused involved in a string killing incident in Faisalabad, said City Police Officer (CPO) Muhammad Ali Zia.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday, he said that Asif Shafiq of Samanabad was en route on the Novelty overhead bridge in the Factory Area police limits when the string caused a serious injury to his throat, killing him on the spot.

The police with the help of CCTV footage traced that an accused Muhammad Abid Gujjar resident of Sir Syed Town was flying a kite on the rooftop of Punjab Bank on the same day.

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