Sale, flying of kites banned in Karachi


Karachi commission on Saturday imposed a ban on the sales and flying of kites in the metropolitan after several suffered serious injuries due to loose kite strings, ARY News reported.

The making, sale and flying of kites has been banned under Section 144 CrPC across the city from March 30 till May 29.

The move came amid the use of dangerous metal strings in kite flying that raised serious risks to the lives of the citizens, the Karachi Commission said.

The loose metal strings used in kite flying have resulted in injuries to the city dwellers in recent days which prompted the authorities to ban the practice.

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On March 27, a Karachi youth was hospitalised after he suffered a serious injury due to a loose kite string in the Azizabad area.

In a statement, the police said the 20-year-old man, identified as Awais, was riding a motorbike when he was tangled in kite string in Azizabad.

The police said he was shifted to a hospital where his condition was said to be out of danger.

A day earlier, A minor boy was rushed to the hospital after sustaining injuries from a loose kite string while riding a motorcycle with his father in the Nazimabad area.

Meanwhile, the Punjab police have intensified a crackdown across the province on kite flying after the death of a young man in Faisalabad in a similar incident.

The incidents prompted Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz to order a crackdown on the making, selling, and buying of chemicals used for the purpose.

A day earlier, the investigation in charge of Punjab police was reportedly arrested for taking bribes from the chemical kite string manufacturers.

According to the details, a special police team took action against the investigation in-charge of Punjab police – named Ibrahim appointed at Ghulam Mohammadabad police station – and caught him red-handed for taking a bribe from the chemical kite string manufacturers in Faisalabad.

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