Senate Polls: PTI candidates challenge nomination papers rejection


PESHAWAR/LAHORE: PTI candidates Murad Saeed, Azam Swati, Khurram Zeeshan and Sanam Javed have filed appeals in election tribunals against rejection of their nomination papers, ARY News reported on Thursday.

“The election commission has challenged nomination papers over baseless allegations,” Murad Saeed, Azam Swati and Khurram Zeeshan pleaded in their appeals filed in Peshawar election tribunal.

They requested in appeals filed by Ali Afridi advocate, for approval of their nomination papers and allowing them to contest the Senate elections.

PTI’s Sanam Javed challenged the election commission’s decision of rejecting her nomination papers at Lahore’s election tribunal.

“The election commission has rejected nomination papers of Sanam Javed for Senate election against the facts,” Javed pleaded in her appeal.

“They objected that the plot was not declared in nomination papers, while Sanam Javed doesn’t have any plot,” according to the plea.

Sanam Javed pleaded to the tribunal to approve her nomination papers.

“The election commission has continued its tradition to reject the nomination papers,” Azam Swati was talking to media after filing appeal against rejection of his nomination for the Senate election.

“I have remained member of various house committees including the judges committee,” Swati told media. “If I am not eligible for technocrat seat then cigarette sellers and property dealers will become senators,” he said.

“I have remained senator for 18 years, perhaps a few senators would have that time in the Senate,” PTI leader said.

“I have sided with the PTI founder and being punished for it,” he said.

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