Senator Bahramand Tangi withdraws resolution seeking ban on social media


ISLAMABAD: Senator Bahramand Tangi on Monday withdrew a resolution seeking ban on social media from the upper house of the Parliament. 

The Senate session met with the deputy chairman in the chair. After criticism, Senator Bahramand Tangi withdrew his resolution seeking a ban on social media to “save the young generation from their negative and devastating effects”.

Senator Tangi said the tabling a resolution on any matter is the right of the members of the upper house of the Parliament, however, he is withdrawing the resolution.

At this juncture, the opposition tried to comment on the issue, but the deputy chairman denied the permission by saying the resolution was withdrawn, hence, no discussion could be held on it.

Earlier, the Senator, in his resolution, expressed concern over the use of such platforms against the “interests of the country through negative and malicious propaganda against the armed forces of Pakistan”.

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He observed that such platforms were being used by vested interests for spreading fake news about various issues and try to create and promote fake leadership in the country to hoodwink the young generation.

“The Senate of Pakistan, therefore, recommends to the Government to put a ban on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter (X) and Youtube to save the young generation from their negative and devastating effects,” it concluded

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