Sindh reports over 1,025 dog-bite cases


The escalating number of cases has sparked concerns among authorities and citizens alike, prompting calls for urgent measures to address the stray dog population and ensure public safety.

In a concerning surge of dog bite cases, Dadu has emerged with the highest number of dog bite incidents in Sindh, totaling 289 cases, ARY News reported, citing National Institute of Health (NIH) sources.

Following closely behind, Kashmore recorded 275 cases, while Ghotki reported 226 individuals injured by stray dogs, as documented by the NIH.

Further NIH data revealed that Jacobabad accounted for 146 cases of dog bites, with 40 cases reported in Hyderabad. Similarly, Qamber reported 126 cases, and Khairpur documented 154 victims of stray dog attacks.

The capital city of Sindh, Karachi, also witnessed a distressing increase in dog bite incidents. As per NIH sources Karachi West reported 174 citizens falling victim to stray dog attacks last week.

Additionally, Karachi Malir 23 and Karachi East documented 13 civilians each who were attacked by dogs during the same period.

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