Sindh’s 60 pct voters are anti-PPP, claims PML-F’s Sadruddin Shah


SANGHAR: Pakistan Muslim League-Functional Sindh President has said that around 60 pct voters of Sindh are anti-People’s Party, ARY News reported on Sunday.

PML-F provincial president Sadruddin Shah Rashdi was talking to media here during his visit of Sanghar for election campaign of GDA candidates.

“In this election Sindh’s people will teach lesson to the PPP for its bad governance for its last 15 years rule,” PML-F leader said.

He also claimed that Asif Ali Zardari could himself comes to fore as a candidate for prime minister’s office and will not allow Bilawal to claim for the top office slot.

He also alleged that the PPP has plundered Sindh’s resources during its rule for 15 years.

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