Solar Panel import scandal main accused arrested


KARACHI: The main accused of solar panels import scandal was arrested in Karachi, citing officials ARY News reported on Saturday.

The key accused of the billions of rupees scam, Rub Nawaz has been arrested, investigation officials said.

“Rub Nawaz was hiding in Customs Court of Karachi for several hours and tried to get bail before arrest,” officials shared. “He was remained in the court premises for several hours even after the judge left the court,” officials said.

“With arrest of the accused the inquiry into the solar panel import scandal will move forward,” according to officials.

According to officials, over Rs 73 billion tax was evaded in solar panel imports. “The accounts of 450 companies were checked in solar panel imports and 63 companies were involved in over invoicing in imports.

Earlier, over Rs 69.5 billion over-invoicing was unearthed in the import of solar panels during 2017-2022.

According to the FBR report, a clear pattern of over-invoicing was revealed on 6,232 Goods Declarations (GDs) from 63 importers, and Rs 72 billion was transferred from two private companies however solar panels worth Rs 45 billion were imported.

The Senate standing committee on finance was briefed by chairman FBR on the matter related to over-invoicing.

The commercial banks have violated the financial monitoring unit rules in making the transfer hereby an FIR has been registered against those who are involved.

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