SOPs decided for visits to PTI founder in Adiala Jail


RAWALPINDI: The PTI’s founder and the Adiala Jail administration have decided the SOPs with mutual consent for visits to the PTI leader, ARY News reported on Saturday.

A development has surfaced over the meetings with the PTI leader with regard to the jail visits.

The PTI founder and the Superintendent Adiala Jail have reached to an understanding over the matter with formal signatures, sources said.

The PTI’s founder has nominated three focal persons for visits to him in Adiala Jail.

Chairman PTI Barrister Gohar Ali, Sher Afzal Marwat and Barrister Umair Niazi have been named as focal persons for jail meetings. Each focal person could give two names for visit.

Two days in a week, on Tuesday the family will visit, while on Thursday, the lawyers and other persons could meet with the PTI leader.

The visitors with court orders, could meet the PTI founder, if he will consent to meet with them.

It is to be mentioned here that on Tuesday 26 March, 10 persons and on Thursday 28 March, 18 persons visited the PTI’s founder in jail.

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