Soumia Asim indicted in Rizwana torture case


ISLAMABAD: A civil court in the federal capital on Friday indicted Soumia Asim, the wife of a civil judge, in the underage housemaid Rizwana torture case, ARY News reported.

Rizwana remained at Lahore General Hospital for more than four months and underwent several surgeries to heal her wounds. She was discharged from the hospital on December 5, last year.

The hearing of the Rizwana torture case was conducted by Civil Judge Umer Shabbir, in which Soumia Asim appeared along with her mother.

In today’s hearing, Soumia was indicted in the court, while the suspect refused to accept the charges against her in the case.

Later, the court after summoning witnesses in the case adjourned the hearing of the case until March 20.


14-year-old maid was allegedly subjected to brutal torture by the wife of a civil judge in Islamabad and a case was lodged by the parents of the girl at a local police station.

The wife of a civil judge namely Asim Hafeez allegedly tortured her maid Rizwana after blaming her for stealing gold jewellery.

The family of the affected maid said that the girl was working as a servant at the civil judge s house in Islamabad for six months and she was subjected to brutal torture by the civil judge s wife. They added that the owners did not pay a single penny of salary to the girl.

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