Supreme Court restrains FIA from arrests of journalists


ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Wednesday restrained the FIA from arrests of journalists till the next hearing of the case, ARY News reported.

“Is it the violation of the law?”, Chief Justice of Pakistan asked. “This notice has been under section 160 of the Criminal Procedure Code, it is a notice prior to registration of the FIR,” CJP said. “This notice can be served to me tomorrow, why you presume that they will register the FIR. At a time, an officer after comes under heavy pressure from above, issues notice but not registers an FIR, or arrest the person. In this notice they could also summon someone as a witness,” CJP said.

“When you show us something illegal than we can declare it void, we will not declare a legal act as null and void,” chief justice said.

“It is necessary to provide complete details of the case with the notice,” Barrister Salahuddin argued. “I will be informed of the reason first, if I am being summoned to the police station,” he said.

“You are saying the FIR has been compulsory before being summoned. The officer may call you for verification of facts before registration of the FIR,” chief justice said.

Justice Naeem Akhtar Afghan said that registration of the FIR comes first and summon after it. “Do you want notice under section 157, instead of section 160,” he asked.

“The notice can be served after registration of the FIR,” Barrister Salahuddin said.

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