Taiwan election: Pakistan reaffirms commitment to ‘One-China’ policy


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Saturday reaffirmed its strong commitment to One China Policy as it responded to Taiwan s presidential election.

Pakistan s policy on Taiwan was consistent, clear, and principled as Taiwan was an inalienable part of the People s Republic of China, the Foreign Office spokesperson said here on Saturday.

“Pakistan adheres to One China policy, and calls for non-interference in the domestic affairs of all countries as per principles and objectives enshrined in the UN Charter,” it added.

The development came after William Lai Ching-te of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) was declared winner in Taiwan’s presidential election despite China’s warnings not to support him.

Beijing, which claims Taiwan as its territory and has never renounced force to bring it under its control, responded to Lai s victory saying it would not change the “inevitable trend of China s reunification”.

Lai, of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), vowed to defend the island from China s “intimidation” and on Sunday the island s foreign ministry told Beijing to accept the result.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on the Beijing authorities to respect the election results, face reality and give up suppressing Taiwan in order for positive cross-strait interactions to return to the right track,” it said in a statement.

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