Toba Tek Singh: Brother who filmed sister’s murder reveals shocking details


TOBA TEK SINGH: A man who captured his 22-year-old sister Maria being brutally murdered by another brother in front of family members made shocking revelations about the gruesome incident.

Talking to ARY News, the deceased woman s brother Shahbaz and sister-in-law said that Maria had informed the family that she was raped by someone.

They said that instead of supporting Maria, her father, and brother planned to kill the rape victim

“After breaking the fast, my sister came to me and told me that she was raped by someone. I spoke to my father and brother but they killed Maria in front of my eyes,” he added.

Shahbaz said that when he tried to rescue Maria, his brother and father threatened to kill his daughters too.

“I cannot resist for the sake of my daughters but I recorded the murder from my mobile pretending to be speaking on a phone call,” he added.

Shahbaz asked the police to register the case on his complaint not on behalf of the state.

Maria s sister-in-law told that when they enter the room, Maria’s hands and feet were tied.

Meanwhile, the police arrested two of the main accused persons and a case has been registered.

According to the police spokesman, 22-year-old Maria was strangled to death by her brother and father. Maria was killed at midnight on March 17 and 18. After killing the woman, the family members laid her to rest quietly.

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