Toba Tek Singh: HRCP takes notice of Maria murder case


In a recent development, the National Commission of Human Rights (NCHR) took notice of the gruesome murder of Maria Bibi, who was choked to death by her brother, ARY News reported on Saturday.

According to the details, the NCHR reacted swiftly to the murder case, promptly assuming the role of a party in the proceedings.

Muhammad Khalid, the Coordinator of NCHR Punjab, took a proactive approach by personally visiting the scene of the incident in Toba Tek Singh.

During his visit, Khalid diligently recorded statements from residents regarding the murder incident.

The NCHR coordinator emphasized that the commission is committed to upholding the rights of women and vowing that under no circumstances would these rights be violated.

He added that the NCHR is closely scrutinizing the ongoing police investigation into the matter to ensure a fair investigation.

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Earlier in the day, the lawyer of the witness in Maria s murder case announced the withdrawal of his letter of attorney, citing he cannot advocate for “beasts”.

According to details, Maria,22, murder case was heard in a local court of Toba Tek Singh. The main accused Faisal and his father were presented before the court.

During the hearing, the police requested 14 days remand of the accused in the case, however, the magistrate approved a four-day remand.

Kamran Zafar, a trial witness and Maria s elder brother s lawyer announced the withdrawal of his advocacy in the case.

Lawyer Kamran Zafar said Shahbaz and his wife were misleading, and he could not represent such “beasts” before the court.

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