Toba Tek Singh: Shocking details emerge in Maria Murder case


Toba Tek Singh: A shocking revelation emerged in the Maria murder case, indicating that the brother who recorded the video also involved in the crime, ARY News reported on Monday.

During a presser related to the Maria murder case, DPO Ibadat Nisar stated that the brother of the video maker Shehbaz has also been found involved in the murder.

He further revealed that Shahbaz transported the body to the hospital and performed the final rituals, adding that a total of four suspects are going through the investigation process while the authorities have sent their DNA for testing.

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Later, the local police of Toba Tek Singh booked Shehbaz and his wife in the Maria murder case.

Shehbaz is the brother of the deceased Maria, 22, who was killed by his father and brother over ‘honour’ in Toba Tek Singh.

The girl was killed at midnight on March 17 and 18. After killing the woman, the family members laid her to rest quietly.

The National Commission of Human Rights (NCHR) took notice of the gruesome murder of Maria Bibi, who was choked to death by her brother.

According to the details, the NCHR reacted swiftly to the murder case, promptly assuming the role of a party in the proceedings.

Muhammad Khalid, the Coordinator of NCHR Punjab, took a proactive approach by personally visiting the scene of the incident in Toba Tek Singh.

During his visit, Khalid diligently recorded statements from residents regarding the murder incident.

The NCHR coordinator emphasized that the commission is committed to upholding the rights of women and vowing that under no circumstances would these rights be violated.

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