Traders reject FBR restructuring


ISLAMABAD: All Pakistan Anjuman e Tajran (APAT) expressed displeasure for not consulting with the stakeholders and rejected the reforms in the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR), ARY News reported on Tuesday.

The officials from APAT gave a strong reaction regarding the reforms in FBR by the Caretaker Finance Minister stating that the business community will not accept any ordinance made by the caretaker setup.

The president of APAT, Ajmal Baloch, rejected the reforms in FBR produced by the caretaker finance minister stating that the stakeholders were not consulted regarding the decision.

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“The caretaker setup is responsible for holding elections, the interim ministers should leave the reforms in the oversight bodies to the upcoming elected government representatives,” Ajmal Baloch said.

He further added, “The caretaker setup has no right to do new experiments in the name of reforms, however, the newly elected representatives of the government have the right to make changes.”

He said that the business community in the country is currently suffering from extreme difficulties, urging that efforts should be made to bring economic stability in the future.

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