Two killed, 15 injured in fog related accident near Naushero Feroz


Two passenger vans and a trailer truck met with an accident on the national highway due to dense fog, resulting in the loss of two lives, including a woman, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

According to the details, more than 15 individuals, including women and children got injured while two others died in a tragic accident on the national highway.

Rescue sources revealed that the accident occurred on a national highway near Naushahro Feroze district, where the rescue teams shifted the injured to the nearest hospital.

In a separate incident, last week, three people died after a passenger bus plunged into the river in Bahawalpur.

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According to the rescue officials, the accident took place near Nowshera Jadeed, Bahawalpur, where an over-speeding passenger bus overturned and plunged into the river leaving three killed and 17 others injured.

Meanwhile, the rescue personnel shifted the injured individuals to the Bahawal Victoria Hospital for immediate medical assistance.

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