University student allegedly gang-raped in Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: A female student of a private university in Islamabad was allegedly gang-raped by a colleague and his friend, as confirmed by police.

According to the details, the female student was gang-raped within the limits of Shalimar police station. The incident took place in the flat of Sector E-11-2 of the capital city.

The police have registered the case and arrested two accused Zaheer and Daniyal. The case was registered at Shalimar police station on complaint of the victim. The police said that the suspects have also filmed and threatening the girl after the rape.

The Shalimar police said further investigation is underway with the arrested suspects.

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Earlier on January 11, a girl was allegedly gang-raped within the limits of Shalimar police station in Islamabad.

According to the details, an incident of alleged gang rape took place in E-11 area within the limits of Shalimar police station in Islamabad.

The case has been registered against the accused whereas the victim told police that the accused Zeeshan and his two friends sexually assaulted her at gunpoint.

In her statement, the girl said that a boy named Zeeshan took her to E-11 center in a car and kept driving around, where he called Hamza and two other friends.

The victim said that Zeeshan forced her to sit on back seat of the car and took out weapons.

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