Urea crisis with variation in prices continue in country


ISLAMABAD: The country facing persistent urea shortage crisis despite importing 2,00,000 tonnes of the fertilizer, citing sources ARY News reported on Saturday.

Urea fertilizer being sold across the country at various rates in black market. Urea selling prices showing significant variations within the country.

There is 1530 rupees difference in price of urea bag between Lahore and Hyderabad. The price of urea bag has been Rs 5350 in Hyderabad but the per bag price of urea has been 3,800 rupees, according to a document.

A urea bag being sold at 5200 rupees in Bannu, while 5000 rupees in Peshawar, Rs 4848 in Quetta, 4800 per bag in Sukkur, 4850 in Rawalpindi and 5000 rupees in Gujranwala according to a document.

Sources said that country required 7 million metric tonnes of urea each year. This year local production of urea remained 6.4 mln tonnes.

The government permitted import of two Lac tonnes of urea in November, the country still required a shortage of 4,00,000 tonnes for Rabi crops, sources added.

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