US asks Afghanistan to give no safe havens to terrorists


WASHINGTON: The US State Department said that they have made clear to the Afghanistan that it is their responsibility to ensure that they give no safe haven to terrorists, whether it be al-Qaida or ISIS-K or any other terrorist organization, ARY News reported.

Addressing a news briefing in Washington, state department spokesperson Matthew Miller said that the US remain committed to ensuring that Afghanistan can never again be a launching pad for terrorism, and US continue to push the Taliban to fulfill all of their counterterrorism commitments to the international community.

Responding to a question on ISIS, Miller stated US has maintained an unwavering focus on terrorism since the President took office three years ago, working both unilaterally and with our partners to successfully disrupt threats around the globe and degrade ISIS.

In February 2022, operating on the President s orders, U.S. military forces successfully targeted Haji Abdullah, the leader of ISIS, later that year, he added.

The state department spokesperson said that at the President s direction, the United States successfully concluded an airstrike in Kabul, Afghanistan, that killed the emir of a different terrorist group, al-Qaida – Ayman al-Zawahiri and US will continue to work to hold ISIS accountable for its actions and to prevent terrorist attacks against the United States and other Western countries.

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