US condemns attack on PTI rally in Balochistan’s Sibi


The United States (US) on Wednesday condemned the attack on a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) election rally in Balochistan s Sibi, ARY News reported.

Matthew Miller, the US spokesperson, conveyed deep condolences to those affected by the blast that occurred at Jinnah Road Sibi, Balochistan at PTI rally, emphasizing the resilience and well-being of the injured people.

The spokesperson noted that this incident is one among several attacks witnessed in the past month, targeting various political groups, adding that the Election Commission in Pakistan (ECP) is also affected by the ongoing violence at certain locations.

Miller reiterated the US government’s strong opposition to any form of violence that undermines the electoral process in Pakistan.

He stressed that the people of Pakistan deserve the right to choose their leaders without fear and intimidation.

Expressing concern over the security situation, the spokesperson acknowledged Pakistan’s efforts to counter the threat of terrorism. The US remains committed to supporting Pakistan in its endeavors to combat terrorism and maintain stability.

Miller denied the news regarding the sale of $3 billion worth of drones to India, stating that the US Congress plays a crucial role in arms transfers. He emphasized that consultations with congressional committees are conducted before any formal announcements.

While acknowledging the legal and transparent nature of such arms sales, Miller refrained from providing a specific timeline for official confirmation.

On January 30, Four people have been killed and five others sustained injuries in a blast that occurred at Jinnah Road Sibi, Balochistan.

The police said that the explosive material was installed in a motorcycle that led to explosion. The law enforcers have cordoned off the area and called bomb disposal squad.

Medical Superintendent (MS) Teaching Hospital confirmed the causalities and said that four dead bodies and five injured were brought to the hospital.

Sources told ARY news that the blast occurred during a rally of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, carried out at Jinnah Road in connection with general elections 2024.

The incident comes as the February 8 general elections are just 10 days away.

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