US ready to work with new Pakistani govt, says Matthew Miller


A spokesperson for the United States Department of State Matthew Miller has said the US will work with the Pakistani government.

Addressing a press briefing in Washington, Miller said US will work with the new Pakistan government elected by its people and urged the need for a probe on the allegations of ‘rigging’.

He said the US wants to see redressal of the ‘irregularities’ in the election process. The US State Department spokesperson condemned the suspension of internet and phone services on February 8 and went on to say that the steps portrayed a ‘negative’ picture of the Pakistan election in the world.

“Rigging allegations in the elections should be investigated under Pakistani law and we will continue to monitor the process.”

Miller congratulated the Pakistani nation for taking part in the electoral process and electing the representatives they wanted.

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ECP refutes allegations of rigging 

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Monday refuted allegations about rigging during the February 8 general elections, acknowledging the occurrence of a few irregularities.

In a statement, the electoral watchdog acknowledged that it does not deny the occurrence of a few irregularities and that relevant forms were available for investigation. “Immediate decisions are being taken on complaints filed,” it added.

However, the election commission said, the electoral process was peacefully organised despite difficulties and issues . The ECP noted that conducting the elections smoothly was a major operation which was completed successfully.

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