Utility Stores Corporation slashes price of various items


ISLAMABAD: Utility Stores Corporation (USC) has announced another relief for the masses before the Ramadan package, ARY News reported on Sunday.

According to details, Utility Stores Corporation has reduced the prices of various items under the Ramadan package. Prices of various brands of ghee, cooking oil, tea, soap, and washing powder have been reduced.

The prices of ghee and cooking oil have been reduced by Rs4 to Rs100 per kilogram. The prices of branded tea have also been reduced by up to Rs100.

It should be noted that Utility Stores Corporation is starting the Ramadan relief package from next month, and further reductions in the prices of items will be made under the Ramadan package.

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Under the Ramadan package, Utility Stores will provide relief on 19 essential items. According to sources, a package of more than Rs7.49 billion will be given under the Ramadan package, and the package is recommended to be implemented from March 4th.

The cabinet meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Kakar, ratified decisions taken in the ECC meeting.

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