Utility stores witness historic surge in sales


ISLAMABAD: The utility stores in Pakistan have witnessed a historic surge in sales, reportedly due to the impact of government subsidies on essential commodities, ARY News reported on Monday.

Sources close to the development revealed during the fiscal year 2022-23, utility stores recorded sales of Rs. 137.15 billion without subsidized items, whereas the sales of utilized subsidies were recorded at Rs. 151 billion, posting a net profit of Rs 764 million.

Sources indicate that the surge in sales was recorded due to subsidies on essential commodities such as flour, sugar, ghee, pulses, and rice.

Sources stated that the Utility Stores Corporation has posted a profit from the past consecutive three years with Rs. 112.32 billion in sales recorded in 2022-2021, Rs. 120.24 billion in sales recorded in 2021-2020, and Rs 53.32 billion in sales recorded in 2020-2019.

Last year, an outlet of Utility Stores Corporation (USC) in Shikarpur City of Sindh was accused of selling expired and substandard ghee.

According to details, a citizen – named Ali Baig – has moved Session Court against alleged sale of expired and substandard ghee in a utility store outlet in Shikarpur.

In his petition, the citizen claimed that a report, published by the Pakistan Accounts Committee, proved that substandard ghee was purchased by the outlet.

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