Uzair Baloch acquitted in one more case


KARACHI: An Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) Uzair Baloch and other suspects in a case pertaining to an attack on policemen to kill them during the Lyari operation, ARY News reported.

The ATC pronounced the verdict to acquit Uzair Baloch after the prosecution failed to establish the charges against him and three others. The other acquitted suspects included Muhammad Salam alias Mullah Nisar, Zakir alias Dada and Ghulam Muhammad.

According to the prosecution, Uzair  and the other accused were charged with attack and attempted murder on the police team during the Lyari operation in April 2012. The case was registered against the suspects at Kalri police station under the Anti-Terrorism Act,1997.

Uzair Baloch, Muhammad Salam alias Mulla Nisar, and Zakir alias Dada were imprisoned in the case while Ghulam Muhammad obtained bail. The ATC ordered the jail authorities to release the accused persons if they are not arrested in any other case.

It is pertinent to mention here that Uzair Baloch has been acquitted in the 35th case after the prosecution failed to establish the charges.

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Earlier, Uzair Baloch and co-accused Zakir Dada were acquitted by the ATC due to lack of evidence.

Uzair  and co-accused Zakir Dada have been charged with attacking the policemen to kill during an operation against criminals in Lyari.

As per the details, the prosecution failed to provide evidence against Baloch which led the court to decide on his acquittal.

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