Video: Two robbers thrashed by citizens in Karachi


KARACHI: Two alleged robbers were caught and severely thrashed by enraged citizens in Karachi s Azizabad area, ARY News reported on Saturday.

As law enforcement agencies (LEAs) failed to control the deteriorating street crime situation in the metropolis, citizens are now capturing muggers on their own.

The incident took place in Azizabad Block-II, wherein the enraged citizens caught two alleged robbers and handed them over to the police after subjecting them to torture.

Police said the two suspects had mugged a citizen in that area a day before.

Meanwhile, the citizens also filmed the robbers while beating them. In the footage, police officers can also be seen thrashing the suspects.

Last year in Dec, enraged citizens beat three suspected robbers to death in retaliation for the killing of a shopkeeper over resistance in Karachi s Orangi Town.

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Three robbers barged into Sheroz Aslam s shop in Qaddafi Chowk, Orangi Town and tried to snatch his valuables, including the case. They opened fire when the shopkeeper put up resistance, resulting in the latter s death.

The residents rushed to the spot after hearing the gunshots and managed the three suspected robbers – who tried to flee from the spot.

The enraged residents subjected them to severe torture through kicks, fists and clubs, killing them on the spot. Police shifted the bodies of the robbers and the victim to the hospital for medico-legal formalities.


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