WASA managing director removed from post


HYDERABAD: Hyderabad Managing Director (MD) of Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) has been removed from his post on account of misconduct and failure in performance of his duties, ARY News reported on Friday.

Sindh Chief Secretary Asif Hyder Shah has notified the removal of WASA managing director Zahid Ahmed Khemtio, noting that the latter was removed for neglecting his responsibilities .

According to the notification, during his visit to Hyderabad the Chief Secretary found sewage poodles flowing over several roads in the city.

The city’s main arteries and several main roads, Circuit House, and the roads leading the Sindh High Court and lower courts were all filled with sewage water.

The notification stated that the Chief Secretary also received complaints against Khemtio from the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of Hyderabad.

The officers said BS-19 Khemtio did not respond well whenever they contacted him.

The Chief Secretary also stated that he attended a court hearing as a respondent on Friday and the matter pertained to supply of contaminated water, shortage of water and drainage.

During the period of his suspension Khemtio would report at the Services, General Administration and Coordination Department.

He would be able to draw his salary during the period of suspension.

Khemtio served WASA as its MD for a second stint for a period of less than 2 months during which he not only drew flake from the citizens for poor water supply and drainage but also ruffled feathers of some of his subordinate employees.

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