Watch: Female officer rescues woman from violent mob in Lahore


LAHORE: A female police officer rescued a woman after a mob tried to attack her for wearing attire with prints in Arabic, which people allegedly mistook as verses from the Quran.

According to Punjab police, the incident happened in Lahore s Ichhara area on Sunday where the woman and her husband had gone shopping.

In the viral video shared on X account of Punjab police, ASP Syeda Shehrbano Naqvi can be heard saying that the woman and her husband had gone shopping when the mob asked her to take off the shirt she was wearing.

ASP Syeda Shehrbano could be seen taking the woman away from the crowd.

“ASP Syeda Shehrbano Naqvi, the brave SDPO of Gulbarg La­hore, put her life in danger to rescue a woman from a violent crowd. For this heroic deed, the Punjab Police has recommended her name for the prestigious Quaid-e-Azam Police Medal (QPM), the highest gallantry award.”

Meanwhile, the woman was taken to police station where she issued an apology saying she had no intentions of angering anyone.

Prime Minister’s Special Assistant Allama Tahir Ashrafi has condemned the Lahore’s Ichhra Market incident.

Ashrafi lamented the incident, saying it was unjustified to ask the woman for an apology. The perpetrators should have apologised and held accountable.

He said the words written on a woman’s dress were in Arabic, not the Quranic Verses. He said the incident was a sheer example of absurdness.

Tahir Ashrafi applauded the braveness of the female DSP for saving the woman from the violent mob.

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