WATCH: PPP candidate’s father begs to vote for his son


TANDO ALLAHYAR: A video of a father of Pakistan People s Party s (PPP) candidate begging his party colleague to vote for his son went viral on social media.

In the video, Abdul Sattar Bachani—former  MNA and father of the PPP s aspirant  from NA-217 Zulfiqar Ali Bachani—  can be seen taking off his hat, placing it on the lap of his own party s councilor.

The Senior Bachani went to meet the PPP s Councilor Asghar Brohi and requested to vote for his son in the February 8 elections. Councilor Asghar Brohi; however refused to support his party nominee from NA-217.

On the councilor’s refusal, Abdul Sattar Bachani said, “Just look my white beard and have some respect for it,” The candidate s father also removed his cap from his head and placed on the Councilor s lap.

It should be noted that the General Elections are scheduled to held across the country on February 8 and candidates of political parties as well as independents ae trying to woo the voters. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has almost finalised its preparations for the polls.

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