WATCH: Thief steals new cellphone within seconds in Karachi


KARACHI: A thief stole box packed cellphone within seconds from a shop located at Sarina Mobile Market, Sakhi Hassan, Karachi, ARY News reported on Monday. 

In a CCTV footage available with ARY News, the thief, who entered the shop as a buyer, can be seen asking the shopkeeper to show a cellphone.

The smart thief took a box pack mobile phone from the counter within seconds as soon the man bent himself to take the mobile from the shelf.

The thief easily fled the shop with the new cellphone worth Rs45,000. Meanwhile, the affected shopkeeper has filed a plea with the police.

The pictures of the ‘thief’ obtained from the CCTV footage have been circulated to the various markets of the city.

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In a recent, Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) report, as many as 4,396 motorbikes were stolen in October, while 817 two-wheelers were snatched at gunpoint in October 2023.

The CPLC report further said, 182 vehicles were also snatched during the said period, while 25 vehicles were snatched at gunpoint.

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