WATCH: Two garbage collector steals manhole lid in Lahore


LAHORE: A video of an unusual incident went viral, in which two garbage collectors stole the manhole cover from a locality in Lahore, ARY News reported on Monday.

The video, recorded by a citizen driving a car, shows two alleged garbage collectors swiftly making their escape after stealing a manhole cover in the middle of a roadway.

The citizen making the video confronted both thieves who were escaping on a three-wheeler bike. Subsequently, they abandoned their bike and fled the scene on foot.

In a separate incident, the lifting of manhole lids are also being reported in Karachi.

In one such incident caught on the CCTV camera in the city s area of Bahadurabad, a trash picker can be seen lifting the manhole lid.

In a video available with ARY News, an underage trash picker can be seen observing the situation before lifting the manhole lid.

The suspect after getting sure that no one is seeing him lifted the manhole lid in his trash bag and fled away safely.

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