We contacted PTI for govt, but they refused: Khursheed Shah


KARACHI: People’s Party leader Syed Khursheed on Sunday said that the PPP had contacted the PTI for government formation, but they refused, ARY News reported.

PPP veteran leader was talking to media outside the Sindh Assembly.

“We have promised to the PML-N, we will cast our votes for prime minister’s election to them without any selfish motive,” Shah, a former leader of opposition said.

“No decision taken for chairman Senate’s office to Anwaar ul Haq Kakar,” Khursheed Shah said. “Yousaf Raza Gillani has been our candidate for chairman Senate’s seat,” he added.

“What is benefit of not joining the cabinet,” a scribe questioned the PPP leader. “The People’s Party will get the democracy,” he replied.

On a question PPP leader said,” We will not allow any interference from the IMF or the World Bank in our internal matters”.

“We have won 54 seats in the National Assembly, if any person can claim we have won with false stamping,” he said.

“The GDA is protesting, if they had won any election earlier,” he questioned. “The GDA wins a seat once in a time and lose it later,” he said.

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