Young Karachi man killed over resisting robbery bid


KARACHI: Despite the IG Sindh directives to increase the patrolling in Karachi to safeguard its citizens during Ramadan, another young man was the reportedly shot dead over resisting robbery in North Karachi sector five area, ARY News reported on Sunday.

According to the police spokesperson, two suspected robbers entered a shop situated in the North Karachi area to commit robbery.

However, their attempt was met with resistance from the shopkeeper. In response, the robbers resorted to opening fire killing 25-year-old Abdul Rahman on the spot before fleeing the scene.

During the search of the site, the police found four 9MM shells from the spot, meanwhile, the further investigation is underway.

Earlier, the Inspector General (IG) Sindh directed the police officers – especially in Karachi zones – to increase the patrolling in their respective areas to ensure safety for citizens during the holy month of Ramadan.

A meeting chaired by the IG Sindh to discuss and strategize the measures aimed to ensure the safety of the citizens during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan.

IG Sindh urged all officers, particularly those overseeing Karachi s various zones, to intensify patrolling efforts.

The objective is to enhance vigilance and deter potential criminal activities, especially in the context of street crimes that often see a rise during Ramadan.

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The IG Sindh directed to enhance the snap-checking operations, aimed at preventing street crime and ensuring swift responses to any suspicious activities.

IG Sindh stressed the importance of consulting with all stakeholders from various sectors, ensuring a comprehensive security and traffic management plan during the holy month.

In light of this, IG Sindh called for a cooperative effort to create an extraordinary traffic management system that prioritizes the protection of the people.

In a bid to bolster security measures during the holy month, the Inspector General advocated for the assignment of special responsibilities to police commandos to maintain law and order effectively.

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