Adiala Jail administration lifts two weeks long jail visits ban


RAWALPINDI: Adiala Jail administration has lifted two weeks ban on meeting with political and other prisoners, ARY News reported on Thursday.

The jail administration in a statement said that the visits to prisoners in Adiala Jail have been restored from today.

“The ban was meant to ensure protection of over 7,000 prisoners including the PTI’s founder,” jail administration said.

Superintendent Adiala Jail has said that the ban on jail visits, has been lifted from today. “The family members and other concerned could meet with inmates under normal SOPs,” jail superintendent added.

Punjab home department had imposed ban on March 12 over visits to prisoners in Adiala Jail, citing security threats.

The ban was slapped for two weeks Punjab home department said while media coverage was also prohibited in front of Adiala Jail s gate no-5.

It is to be mentioned here that 11 politicians of the PTI have been allowed visits to the party’s founder.

Those allowed jail visit including Sher Afzal Marwat, Faisal Javed Salar Kakar, Ali Bukhari, Khalid Masood, Nadeem Afzal to meet the PTI’s founder.

Advocate Naveed Anjum, Sajida Begum, Siraj Ahmed and Sarar Azhar Tariq will also meet the party’s founder.

While Barrister Gohar, Zartaj Gul, Shoaib Shaheen and Umair Niazi have reached to Adiala Jail to meet the party’s leader.

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