Govt to set up checkposts on entry, exit routes of Islamabad


ISLAMABAD: In a bid to bolster security measures, authorities in Islamabad have announced plans to establish joint check posts at various entry and exit routes of the federal capital, ARY News reported on Thursday.

Sources close to the matter revealed that a total of 13 check posts will be set up at various entry and exit routes of the federal capital to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic.

The decision to implement these check posts comes in response to heightened security concerns, as stated by sources in the capital city.

These check posts will be manned by personnel from the Federal Police along with other law enforcement agencies, aiming to enhance surveillance and ensure the safety of residents and visitors.

The key locations has been identified for the establishment of these check posts include Rawat, Sangjani, Chongi No 26, and Bhara Kahu, among others. Additionally, security check posts will also be deployed at entry points such as Tarlai, IJ Principal Road, and Tramri Chowk.

Furthermore, check posts will be set up at significant areas like Tenth Avenue and Courage Factory, contributing to a comprehensive security framework across Islamabad.

In a related development, sources indicate that the check posts will be equipped with the number of CCTV cameras.

Earlier this week, a suicide bomb blast was reported from Karakoram highway in Bisham, resulting in the death of five foreign nationals and one local citizen.

District Inspector General (DIG) of Malakand told media that a suicide bomber rammed an explosives-laden vehicle into a convoy of foreign nationals which was on its way from Islamabad to their camp in Dasu, Shangla.

As per the initial report, a passenger vehicle, en route from Islamabad to Dasu Dam, was carrying five foreigners along with the driver, all of whom tragically lost their lives in the attack.

Following the explosion, the coaster veered off the road and came to a stop at a distance.

In response to the situation, teams from the CTD and Bomb Disposal Unit (BDU) in Peshawar were swiftly dispatched to the scene by authorities.

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