Burns Road residents protest against restaurants, encroachments


KARACHI: The residents near famous downtown Food Street on Karachi s Burns Road staged a protest against restaurants and encroachments, occupying the entire roads, sidewalks and even by-lanes.

A large number of residents blocked the main artery of Burns Road and demanded the removal of encroachments. They said that these encroachments in the name of “Food Street” had made their lives miserable.

They used to be confined to their homes after 7pm because encroachments would pop up and occupy the entire roads, sidewalks and even by-lanes. They added that fights and brawls would often break out between local residents and food stalls owners.

The residents alleged that Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) and the district administration used to take bribes from the restaurant owners for installing encroachments, adding that the K-Electric staff also provides illegal connections to the stalls.

Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner Aram Bagh reached the spot and assured the residents of removing the illegal encroachments.

The District South administration, led by the assistant commissioner, carried out an operation to clear the roads, alleyways, and sidewalks which were encroached upon by footstalls.

Billboards put up by the restaurateurs in front of their outlets were also demolished, while tables, chairs, and other furniture were removed.

Following the operation, the residents ended the protest.

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