PIA air hostess arrested in Canada


The Canadian authorities on Friday arrested Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) airhostess for carrying multiple passports, ARY News reported.

PIA steward Hina Sani, who arrived in Toronto on PK-789, was arrested as Canadian immigration authorities found multiple passports belonging to different individuals from her baggage.

It has also been revealed that seven more flight attendants were part of the crew on flight PK 789 with her. However, all of them were deemed “no-flyers” by the airline for Toronto.

The sources further disclosed that the crew obtained special permission from the deputy general manager (DGM) of Flight Services using his personal ID.

Earlier, the Pakistan International Airline (PIA) was slapped with heavy fine after its air hostess reached Canada without a passport.

Sources told ARY News that the air hostess was assigned to duty on flight PK-781 from Islamabad to Toronto when the unprecedented incident unfolded.

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